Sex live cam chat by Skype

Adult webcam chat sites appeared just after the first web cams were introduced to the Internet users. When online webcam broadcasting and viewing became widely available, number of sex webcam chat websites started to increase from year to year. Their popularity did not come down with the advent of free web cam services like Skype.

Although it is more than three years since Skype is available to every Internet user, there are only few Skype sex forums that you can find through search engines. And for all that nearly 70% of these forums members are men and only a half of the rest consist of real women.

Skype as a communication tool is much more convenient for users than any live cam chat, nevertheless, it has no special features for sex dating, let alone pay per view live video broadcasting. Trying to replace adult webcam chat by and viewing erotic video by Skype, in some or other way you face different problems.

For instance, if you are a webcam model and work for quite a long time in adult live cam chats, you certainly have regular clients. You can assume that if you bring those clients to your Skype account, you can get all 100% of your customers’ payments (or definitely not less than 80%, considering all charges for money transfer) instead of 35-50% which are paid out by webcam chat sites. Telling client your name in Skype is even easier than give him your MSN or email. While money transfers arrangement can be a bit complicated. At webcam chat site clients make payment by their credit cards, whereas you will need to discuss the payment process with client individually, as well as price and time of private session. Besides this you will have to control the time of your performance yourself. Knowing that the time of private session is controlled only by you, even the most decent client wouldn’t resist a temptation to persuade you to stay in private for longer time than you planned (as now it does not cost you anything!) Indeed, it does not cost you anything except for your own time and energy. In this kind of discussion with client you may spend more time than you usually spend in free chats at live cam chat sites.

Though free web chat services give wide possibilities for entertainment by web cam, they can not completely supplant sex live cam chat websites. Nevertheless, the demand for alternative services for webcam models work has always existed and it continues at this time. This is how we got the idea to create a service for personal model’s webcam chat, using as a basis standard pay per minute webcam chat main tools.

Designing the service for webcam models we focused on minimizing the costs for payment processing and advertising in order to increase as much as possible the models payout rate (85%). In the long run our service will provide for attraction of new clients to personal models webcam chat pages, however, the main source of clients is supposed to be the model.

If you are a professional model and are interested in creating your own live cam chat, please fill out the inquiry form and we will contact you in 1-2 days.