video / webcam chat script
Sales department:+ 7 (978) 208-35-26
video / webcam chat script
Sales department:+ 7 (978) 208-35-26
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  • Payment Service Provider

    (PSP) a company that provides corporations or individuals with online services involving receipt of bankcards and electronic money.

  • Internet Acquiring

     — accepting payment cards for payment over the Internet using a specially designed user interface, or API.

  • Acquirer bank

    — a bank that receives payment card funds from payers and provides refunds to outlets in which the services were paid for with a card.

Online consultation
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Video chat monetization

The webcam chat supports the following types of monetization:

  • pay-per-minute;
  • “club” membership fees;
  • tips for the performers;
  • real-time collection of payments for shows from multiple users;
  • payments for viewing/accessing video files and performers’ pictures.


Automatic billing

Automatic billing and financial transaction statistics are available to all system users, namely the website administrator, perforers, studio managers, webmasters, and video chat users. Automatic replenishment of users’ accounts, automatic calculation of commission fees and distribution of profits to all system users means that the website administrator plays a minimal part in managing the financial side of the service. The administrator’s sole job in this regard is giving the performers, studios, and webmasters their actual earnings. This can be easily done in a variety of ways, for example, via Visa/MasterCard, WebMoney, or checks.

Webcam performer funds withdrawal options


Payment safety

Payment information from bank cards is not processed at the video chat servers. The actual money is kept in the website owner’s accounts in the relevant payment services: bank accounts for card transactions, personal accounts for PayPal, etc. This approach makes the whole system safer and is trusted by the payer, since he/she only enters his/her details at the website of either the payment service of which he/she is already a customer or a payment provider that meets all PCI DSS requirements (for instance, in card transactions).


Charging options

The system supports the use of conventional units as payment at the video chat website, such as coins, coupons, credits, etc. There are several reasons for using conventional units. First, it facilitates the simultaneous use of various currencies and e-money, reducing them to a common denominator. Second, it partly obscures the actual price of services by establishing a non-transparent exchange rate between the units and the currencies used by customers in their accounts. However, it is possible to use one currency for all website transactions, such as rubbles, US dollars, or euros.

Setting up payment packages and account replenishment rate


The price per minute of video chat can be set by the website administrator, performer, or studio manager. The administrator can enable or disable the option of setting prices per minute for performers or studio managers, or set a fixed price range.

Setting up a fixed price range


More info on payment systems can be found here.