video / webcam chat script
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video / webcam chat script
Sales department:+ 7 (978) 208-35-26
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  • Cluster

     — a group of servers, united by high-speed links and representing a single hardware resource from a user's perspective.

  • Load balancing

    — distribution of the process of task implementation across multiple servers in order to optimize the use of resources and to reduce the computation time. It can also be used to increase the width of the communication channel, which is important when using a streaming video.



The architecture and optimized source code of the video chat and the use of modern servers ensure excellent performance of the whole system.

The video chat website and the chat engine core are written in Java, which ensures proper system performance.

The video chat system also uses the MySQL database server, which is currently the most widely-used database server for various web projects. Combined with good database architecture, this server ensures top-notch performance and stable operation of the video chat website.

With regard to the video chat website performance, it should be noted that some system nodes have bottlenecks. Online streaming relies heavily on the server’s channel width. Often, the port to which the server is connected is the first node that requires improvement for more stable and better system performance. Most common are servers connected to 100Mb/s and 1 Gb/s ports.

Let us do a simplified calculation of the server’s channel width optimal for quality video broadcasting. The recommended bitrate of the broadcast stream for an erotic video chat or an online consulting website is 512 kb/s. At this bitrate, users with low connection speeds (512–1024 kb/s) will receive a quality video stream with minimal delays. In calculating the communication capacity of a port, a value of 70% of nominal capacity is used, i.e. a server’s 100 Mb/s port will show guaranteed stable performance at 70 Mb/s load.

Thus, the number of simultaneous broadcast streams is 71,680 kb / 512 kb = 140.

For a 1 Gb/s port, the number of simultaneous broadcast streams will be, accordingly, 10 times bigger, i.e. 1400 simultaneous broadcast streams.

If you need to calculate the number of online HD video streams with an external encoder, such as the Flash Media Live Encoder, you should assume a broadcast stream bitrate of 3 Mb/s.

When calculating the maximum number of video chat users, please note that one stream is allocated for the model, while the rest are distributed among viewers. If a viewer activates his/her webcam for the model to view, it will add another stream.

Note also that if you are running a single-server system, some of the bandwidth will be taken up by the website’s HTTP traffic (HTML, images, etc.), and some may be taken up by on-demand video streaming, i.e. when users view pre-recorded videos of models.

The video chat script has a scaling option and enables you to set up a broadcast across multiple servers to achieve the desired number of concurrent connections.

Feel free to contact us, and we will not only offer you a high-performance video chat system but also suggest an optimum hardware configuration.